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The Importance of An Egress Survey in Healthcare Facilities

As a healthcare facility professional, you should be aware of the importance of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) K-TAGS requirements. The CMS K-TAGS address NFPA 101, Life Safety Code (LSC), and NFPA 99, HealthCare Facilities Code (HCFC) requirements pertaining to the physical environment of a healthcare facility. The LSC-based K-TAGS are in Part I and are separated into...

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What You Should Know Before Choosing A Hospital Accrediting Agency

Hospitals experienced two significant changes in 2008 related to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) deeming authority that should be on the radar of the Medical Services Professional. The first change is in regard to “deeming authority.” On July 15, 2008, Congress enacted a new law requiring The Joint Commission (TJC), and any other accrediting body seeking deeming status, to...

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Expect The Unexpected With A Life Safety Mock Survey

As we continue to move through the year, your facility’s Joint Commission survey may be coming up soon. And although they happen within an expected few weeks, they are unannounced and this can create a stressful environment. There always seems to be something that doesn’t work the way it was designed, and trying to find every deficiency that can potentially put people’s lives in danger can be...

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Life Safety Consulting Can Help You Prepare For The Joint Commission

It’s a new year, which means as a facility manager you probably have a lot to do before your Joint Commission survey. As professionals in the fire and life safety industry, we know maintaining your facilities' fire and life safety systems can be a challenging job. There always seems to be something that doesn’t work the way it was designed.  To make a stressful situation even more stressful,...

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Hospital Mortality Drops During Joint Commission Inspection

The required Joint Commission inspections that hospitals undergo are always unannounced, so that the inspectors can see the actual workings of the hospital, but they do happen within an expected time of a few weeks.  This leads to increased vigilance within the hospital during these weeks of possibly being inspected, and a recent report shows that this has an effect on patient well-being.

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CMS Issues New Emergency Preparedness Rule

Press Release: 

Date:  2016-09-08 Title: CMS Issues New Emergency Preparedness Rule Contact:


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Egress Survey In Healthcare Facilities

Part of making sure that your healthcare facility is in compliance with the Life Safety Code is having an egress survey. An egress survey is a 15 point Life Safety or 23 K-TAGS inspection of your facility’s egress system. The survey examines a facility’s stairwells, photoluminescence / signage, corridors and life safety documentation to make sure that they are in compliance with the latest...

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What We Look For in Above Ceiling Inspections

When it comes to a building’s fire protection system, you probably hear a lot about your sprinkler systems, fire and smoke dampers, fire doors, fire rated walls…etc.  But what about what’s going on above your facility’s ceiling? Fire safety above ceilings is one of the most common inspections that is required by your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). But in order for your facility to be...

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NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Makes Sure Fire Doors Save Lives

I’m sure by now everyone is well aware that The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has adopted the 2012 edition of NFPA 101: Life Safety Code®, effective July 5th. So, what does this mean for healthcare facilities? Stricter requirements for the maintenance of your facility’s fire protection systems, with a written documentation of the inspection kept for your Authority Having...

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