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You Don't Need Luck Of The Irish With Arc Flash Assessments

With St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday, there will be a lot of parties and celebrations, while many of us will also be hoping for a little luck of the Irish in our lives. However, one area in your life you don’t want to leave up to luck is the risk of an arc flash explosion.

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Make Arc Flash Assessments Part Of Your Fire And Life Safety Plan

There is only a little over a month left in the year, which means you’ve probably been working hard on your fire and life safety plan for the New Year. One service that should be included is Arc Flash Assessments. So why should you be concerned about Arc Flash and how can an Arc Flash Assessment help?

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10 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Arc Flash

Arc Flash is an intense release of energy caused by an electrical arc fault between two conductors. Arc flash causes death and injury every year. It is a serious topic that should be understood by anyone working around electrical systems. This lists of 10 facts about arc flash will increase your awareness, and hopefully prompt an increase in safety when and where this hazard exists.

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Don't Let Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes With Arc Flash Assessment

Have you ever been shocked when you touched a doorknob, a car-door handle, or a water fountain? Ouch right! Well imagine that shock exceeding 10,000° F, which is hotter than the surface of the sun. Even bigger ouch!! Well that’s what would happen if you were in an Arc Flash. As an electrician, you might be wondering what exactly is an Arc Flash and how could it affect you and your job. I know...

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