Top Firestop and Barrier Management Questions

  • What is a Fire Barrier?
  • A continuous membrane, either vertical or horizontal such as a wall or floor assembly that is designed and constructed with a specified fire resistance rating to limit the spread of fire and restrict the movement of smoke.


  • What is an Elastomeric Material?
  • It is a flexible, low modulus material capable of expanding, contracting and returning to original dimensions without fatigue.


  • What is an Intumescent Material?
  • It is a material that is designed to expand significantly (typically 2 to 10 times its original volume) when exposed to sufficient heat.


  • What is a Firestop System?
  • It’s an assembly consisting of:
  1. The penetrant or penetrants
  2. The opening through a particular type of wall or floor
  3. The firestop material and design that are used to seal the opening or protect the penetrants


  • What is the difference between a penetrant/penetrating item and a membrane penetration?
  • A penetrant/penetrating item is an item that passes completely through a wall or floor such as pipes, conduits, cables, etc.
  • A membrane penetration is an opening made through one side (wall, floor, or ceiling membrane) of an assembly.

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  • What are the different types of ratings as described in various UL tested systems?
L Rating An optional measurement of the rate of air leakage through test samples resulting from a specific air pressure difference applied across the surface of the test sample
F Rating The time a firestop system prevents the passage of flame through an opening and successfully the hose stream test as determined by ASTM E-814 and UL 1479
T Rating The time for the temperature of the unexposed surface of the firestop system or any penetrating item to rise 325 degrees Fahrenheit above its initial temperature as determined by ASTM E-814 and UL 1479


  • What is a fire resistance rating?
  • The period of time a buildings component maintains the ability to confine a fire, continue to perform a structural function or both.


  • What do we mean by a penetrant requiring annular space?
  • Annular space (annulus) is the area or region measured in a straight line between penetrants or between the outer most portion of the penetrants and the inside periphery of a circular opening or the sides of a rectangular opening.


  • What is passive fire protection?
  • It is a device or system designed to confine fire and smoke.

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