Why Does The U.S. Not Have A Fire Door Safety Week?

It has been awhile since I have written something and as I have been wondering what to write about next, it was brought to my attention that there is fire door safety week in the UK, but not in the US. With all the information that is out there to help promote fire safety, why doesn’t the US promote fire door codes by having a fire door safety week?


Fire door safety week is held the last week in September, and is aimed at educating the importance of the proper use of fire doors. However, all year round the British Woodworking Federation continues to provide news and tools for people to get involved and help improve the awareness of the importance of fire doors. Fire door codes have been in place for many years, but we still seem to have trouble with fire doors not being used properly. I’m sure by now we know that keeping a fire door closed will help prevent the spread of flames, smoke, and other toxic gases throughout a building. However, we still see fire doors being propped open with wedges or the assembly of the door being altered to serve some other purpose. These problems, and other deficiencies, negatively impact the ability of the fire door to perform properly during a fire.


Fire doors are an important piece in a building’s overall fire protection system. By helping to contain fire and smoke to a remote location, fire doors also provide a safe evacuation for occupants with an easy egress out of the building. If a fire door is kept open or has been tampered with, then it will be worthless in the event of a fire. Don’t let fire door safety be overlooked. Spread the word about the importance of a properly used fire door and how it could help save your life when it matters most!

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